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Choosing Paint

Painting can be a lot of work. It is always a good idea to do as much research into what paint you should purchase before you start. We have put together some information below that to help you make a decision about which colors and sheen of paint and what brands and type of paint will help you achieve the finished product you want within the budget you have available.

Goethe on the Theory of Color

Psychology of Color:

Learn how color can affect mood and which colors work better in some rooms than others.

Paint Color Samples

Interactive Color Viewer:

Virtual paint visualizer to help select the right colors for your project.

Painted Interior - Semi-Gloss Trim, Matte Walls

Paint Sheen or Gloss:

How to choose which Sheen or Gloss level to use for your project.

paint estimator - picture of paint cans

Paint Estimator

Calculate how much paint your painting project will take.

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Information About: Choosing Paint Colors and Sheens, the Use and Meaning of Color, Guides to Learn How to Paint Like a Professional, How to Pick Best Painting Tools to get the job done right, Tools to help Estimate How much Paint you Will Need and much more!

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